Because You Demanded It / Mortal

Bridget’s 2016 Edinburgh show was originally called Mortal, but in the month before it’s debut, it went through substantial changes, and was renamed ‘Because You Demanded It’ for the tour that followed.

Here’s the blurb in the Fringe guide…

Brand new work in progress show from the stupid idiot and multi award-winning stand-up, Guardian columnist and author of A Book for Her. Bridget is going to die, but what will she leave behind? This and many other things will be discussed, including bigots, the Tories, Motörhead vibrators, aging, water massages, magic eyelift stickers and legacies.

Current queen of crusading UK comedy‘ Guardian.
A cherishable comedianTelegraph.
Queen of satireEvening Standard.
A kind of geniusJon Ronson.
A cool, clear glass of saneCaitlin Moran.
Laser focused and brilliantly sustainedIndependent.
A revelationObserver.
Very funnyRadio Times.

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