Here’s a collection of press for Bridget’s book, radio series & live shows. You can also read more about the live shows here.

Bridget Christie Minds The Gap

The first series of Bridget’s award winning radio show, “Bridget Christie Minds The Gap” aired on Thursday nights in March 2013 at 11pm on Radio 4.

A second series of “…Minds The Gap” followed in January / February 2015.

You can keep an eye out for repeats on the iplayer here.

Series 1 & 2 are available digitally via the links below, and I’ll be selling CDs at tour shows too.

Bridget Christie Minds The Gap


A brand new comedy series from award-winning stand-up comedian Bridget Christie. As Bridget Christie struggles to come to terms with current world events – Kim Jong-un, the melting polar ice caps, the Brexit negotiations and Nick Knowles singing a cover of The Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun”, she embarks on a comic quest for her Utopia – a way of living that will make her less anxious and enable her to have her first happy wee since the Brexit vote in 2016.

Bridget explores politically disengaging, spirituality, moving to the country and being super rich – to see if any of that will make her happier.
Will not reading the papers, abstaining from all social media and not watching rolling news reports bring a smile to Bridget’s face? Could yoga, Hinduism or becoming a nun be the answer to all her problems? What about living on a rural commune? Or auditioning for a lucrative TK Maxx commercial? Or will life still be completely rubbish?

Recorded in front of a live studio audience at the BBC Radio Theatre. Starring: Bridget Christie With special guests Mike Christie, Leyla Hussein, Sister Agatha & Fran Blockley. The BBC page for Utopia is here.


A Book For Her

A Book For Her was published by Century Random House on 2nd July 2015.

It details Bridget’s ‘feminist epiphany’ – a fart in the Women’s Studies section of a bookshop in April 2012 – and her subsequent journey from the bowels of stand-up comedy to one of the most critically acclaimed British standup comedians this decade. If you’re interested in comedy & feminism, then A Book For Her is definitely for you.

If you hate both then you should probably give it a miss. As with …Minds The Gap you can download an audio book of ‘A Book For Her’ on both iTunes & Amazon’s Audible.

A Book For Her

Press for Live Shows (you can read more here)

2018: What Now?

Is rolling news affecting your ability to enjoy the simple things in life?

Like baking, gardening and autoerotic asphyxiation?

Then this brand new show from multi-award winning member of the metropolitan liberal elite and star of her own Netflix special is for you. Join Bridget for a night of hope and despair.

What Now?

2016: Because You Demanded It / Mortal

Bridget’s 2016 Edinburgh show was originally called Mortal, but in the month before it’s debut, it went through substantial changes, and was renamed ‘Because You Demanded It’ for the tour that followed.

Here’s the blurb in the Fringe guide…

Brand new work in progress show from the stupid idiot and multi award-winning stand-up, Guardian columnist and author of A Book for Her. Bridget is going to die, but what will she leave behind? This and many other things will be discussed, including bigots, the Tories, Motörhead vibrators, aging, water massages, magic eyelift stickers and legacies.

Current queen of crusading UK comedy‘ Guardian.
A cherishable comedianTelegraph.
Queen of satireEvening Standard.
A kind of geniusJon Ronson.
A cool, clear glass of saneCaitlin Moran.
Laser focused and brilliantly sustainedIndependent.
A revelationObserver.
Very funnyRadio Times.

Because You Demanded It / Mortal

2015: A Book For Her

A Book For Her – The Show debuted at The Stand from the 8th – 31st August (not the 17th) at 11AM.

It’s a brand new show to launch multi-award winning Christie’s literary debut A Book for Her * (*and for him, if he can read).
Come and enjoy 50 minutes of new material followed by a 10 minute book signing.

For press on the book, A Book For Her, and the show, A Book For Her, please click here.

An autumn London run took place at the Leicester Square Theatre, from the 16th November – 2nd December, and was featured in a Top 10 of Comedy in 2015 by The Guardian & named Critic’s Choice by Time Out with more dates added into 2016 and a national tour to follow.

A Book For Her

2014: An Ungrateful Woman

Why did people praise Michael Gove on 25 February 2014?

What made Bridget lose control of her emotions at a casting for a yoghurt commercial?

And which national newspaper genuinely mistook Bridget for King Charles II?

There was also a recording of the first episode of series 2 of “Bridget Christie Minds The Gap” up at the fringe on the 24th August at BBC Potterow.

The show ran every day at The Stand, at 11.10am again, just like last year, and went on to tour the UK & run at the Soho Theatre, London between November 2014 & January 2015 (extra dates were added again, taking the show into March & May of 2015, too.)

It was named as one of the Top 10 shows of 2014 in The Guardian, one of the Top 5 shows of 2014 in The Telegraph and one of the Top 10 shows of 2014 in Time Out .


An Ungrateful Woman

2013: A Bic For Her

Bridget starts the day by eroticising waterproof jackets and roller coasters, ridiculing biro manufacturers, and destroying the patriarchy.

And all at 11:10 am in a Gloucester accent.

Includes some shouting.

The only stand-up to have been billed alongside both Lionel Blair and Naomi Wolf.

A Bic For Her ran at The Stand at 11.10am every day during the Edinburgh Fringe & won the Edinburgh Comedy Award.
From November 2013, it ran at London’s Soho Theatre where it broke Box Office records for the venue. Extra dates were added for Jan / Feb / March 2014!!!!
In January 2014, Bridget won the Sky Arts South Bank Award for Comedy with the show, and she show also won a Hospital 100 Award 2014 for Theatre.

A Bic For Her

2012: War Donkey

What are Tory feminists?
How did Hitler choose soups in restaurants?
Why isn’t there a Spielberg blockbuster about donkeys, and why did Colonel Gadaffi hate them?

Bridget Christie knows. And will wear stilts. Baffling stand-up and grotesque manifestations from someone who’s been on Radio 4’s News Quiz, E4’s Cardinal Burns, Sarah Millican’s Support Group and Harry Hill’s Little Internet Show.

War Donkey did very well in Edinburgh. It received 10 4 star reviews and was featured on BBC2’s Culture Show as one of Sue Perkins’ Top 5 Edinburgh shows.
It ran between the 3rd – 26th August 2012 (not 13th) at The Assembly Rooms (Studio 2), Edinburgh during the 2012 Fringe, before touring the UK & Ireland in Autumn 2012!

War Donkey

2011: Housewife Surrealist

In her first three solo Edinburgh shows Bridget was childish and silly, portraying historical characters and inanimate objects such as Charles II, a cheese roll, Guido Fawkes, Oliver Cromwell, The Fire of London and The Great Plague, using terrible costumes and without so much as a nod to the fourth wall.
The following year she wrote an autobiographical show about her old job at The Daily Mail.
Some critics thought it lacked ambition, just because she wore normal clothes.
Then last year they liked her again because she pretended to be an ant.

This year, the 39 year old Catholic mother views everyday housewife life through her trademark Bridget Christie Lens of The Absurd™.
The HOUSEWIFE SURREALIST discusses transubstantiation, the British class system as applied to animals and insects, Ken Clarke’s shoes, priests, getting her teeth knocked out, and horrible bitchy mothers.
Her 7th consecutive Edinburgh show also features an uninvited weed comedian, Nick Clegg doing an interpretive dance in simulated fire, a seductive Nicholas Sarkozy capering like Pan with the hind legs of a goat, and a battery-powered re-enactment of The Ascension.
Housewife Surrealist ran at The Stand, Edinburgh at 4.40pm daily during the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe.

Housewife Surrealist

2010: A Ant

Bridget Christie used to dress up as Charles II, talk about the English Civil War and pretend to be The Great Plague.

But this had no commercial value, so she gave up on that pointless nonsense.
This year she’s talking about cat-litter, priests, rude mothers and ghosts.

Bridget is supported by the first ever and so far the finest Ant comedian on the circuit, A Ant (Winner Nivea Funny Ant Competition 1993).

A Ant ran at The Stand, Edinburgh: 4.15pm 6-29th August 2010(except 6th)

All press can be found here.

A Ant

2009: My Daily Mail Hell

In 2003 Bridget began doing open spots on the comedy circuit and working on the diary column of the Daily Mail. Whilst there, Bridget was strangled by Gene Wilder, fed a fish by Peter Stringfellow, mistaken for someone else by Mel Brooks, hated by David Dimbleby, ignored by Cherie Blair and patronised by Jenny Eclair.My Daily Mail Hell’s affectionate expose of a showbiz gossip column is sure to delight both Daily Mail readers and decent people too.

See how Alan Yentob fell off a chair.
Hear what Liam Gallagher said at the premiere of Shrek 2.
Touch a real cup once held by Jack Vettriano.
Find out how Pop Idol’s Darius Danesh got Brad Pitt’s horse to lie down. And learn how many lions Antonio Banderas has got.

But above all, share in the baffling experience of a provincial Gloucester girl, with no real qualifications, adrift in the sophisticated world of wealth and fame.
Bridget Christie: My Daily Mail Hell ran from August 5th-31st at 6.30pm in The Gilded Balloon Teviot.

My Daily Mail Hell

2008: The Court Of King Charles II – The Second

King Charles II’s second solo show.
Introducing Christopher Wren, Samuel Pepys and The Great Plague.

The Court Of King Charles II – The Second

2007: The Court Of King Charles II

The 17th Century. Deranged royals.
Incompetent terrorists. Mentalist fundamentalists. Pointless WAGs.

A time very different to our own.
Bridget Christie gives Charles II, Guy Fawkes, Oliver Cromwell, and Nell Gwynne their long-overdue Edinburgh festival debut.

The Court Of King Charles II

2006: The Cheese Roll

The Cheese Roll

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