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For all work, I am represented by Chiggy at PBJ Management.

Please direct all work enquiries via PBJ at 020 7287 1112 or contact Becca Ptaszynski.


Please direct press enquiries to Amanda Emery at Emery PR on


I’ve signed up for instagram, and you can see what I post to it at Bridget.Christie.14


I have @BridgetChristie on twitter.
I started using it in October 2018. But I don’t follow anyone, and will often delete the tweets I do post.
I don’t read anything anyone says to me on there, so please don’t feel slighted if I don’t reply to you.

If you want to keep up with what I’m doing, the best way is signing up to my mailing list using the form below to get all the latest news direct to your inbox. You can view the news archives here, too.