Because You Demanded It

Edinburgh comedy: Fringe therapy

Stephen Armstrong rounds up the best of this year’s comedians mining their own fears for laughs

Written by Stephen Armstrong in The Times on August 21st, 2016

Anger, of course, is part of any troubled mind, although rage at the state of the world is hardly a pathology. Bridget Christie (The Stand, 11am ★★★★) offers the most passionate assault on the status quo at an increasingly politicised Fringe — politics that are not, it’s important to note, confined to the left, with a record-breaking three pro-free market/Tory party stand-ups in town.

Christie is at her best when enraged. She’d been planning a show about mortality, some of which creeps in, but the Brexit vote meant a sharp pivot. Her shtick is an attempt to talk gardening that is constantly interrupted by her bursts of intense metaphor unpicking. Someone should keep her annoyed for the rest of her career.

Written by Stephen Armstrong in The Times on 21st August 2016.
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