Because You Demanded It

The five unmissable comedians to catch at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe

Written by James Gill in on August 3rd, 2016

How good is Bridget Christie? How much does she care about her craft? How seriously does she take comedy?

Put it this way: Brexit happened on Thursday 23 June (regardless of how you voted, we’re pretty confident you’ll have that date seared on to your brain) and Christie rewrote her entire show. “What, you mean tweaked it to crowbar in a few Brexit gags?” No. Christie had so much to say, knowing that what had happened was so seismic, that she crafted an entirely new show about the political and social fallout of Britain’s decision to leave Europe.

This is why Bridget is regarded as Edinburgh royalty. This is why Bridget is one of those acts you have to see every August: because you want to know what she’s been working on this past few months.

Written by James Gill in on 3rd August 2016.
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