Because You Demanded It

Fringe Comedy reviews ★★★★★

Written by Lorraine Wilson in Herald Scotland on August 17th, 2016

THE Brexiteers have put away the red, white and blue bunting, and those who voted to remain, remain in disbelief. If that initial rage has been replaced with numbness, Bridget Christie’s Because You Demanded It will bring palms rapidly to foreheads again.

In a last-minute change, Christie shelved her planned show Mortal, about life and death, to write this hour just weeks before the Fringe began.

There are no notes or scribbles on her hands to crib, however. This is something that is clearly so deeply felt that it’s an express train of thought and cascades from her.

As a starting point, using horticulture as analogy, she articulates her incredulity at the vote while recognising that in the room there might be many who voted to leave. Sometimes that articulation isn’t quite enough and pounding the back wall in sheer frustration is required.

It’s political, so Christie does want to make solid points but when the rhythm of the hour is established it’s clear that the pay off is going to be worthwhile. There are few who have managed to combine such eloquent expression of despondency with so many proper belly laughs.

If this is a work in progress, it can only get even better with the twists and turns that will inevitably happen over the next few months. It could be her best yet.

Run ends August 29

Written by Lorraine Wilson in Herald Scotland on 17th August 2016.
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