Comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe

I love nothing more than to see a performer clearly enjoying her show

Lissy Lovett - The F Word - Sunday, August 14th, 2016

Bridget Christie’s 11am shows at the Stand in Edinburgh are now an integral part of my Fringe experience. This year’s is not so overtly feminist as some of her previous shows, but instead focuses on the run-up and aftermath of the UK’s recent referendum on leaving the EU with occasional diversions into gardening.

Christie is incredibly good at getting the tone just right for her material – too serious and she’s in danger of coming over as po-faced and preaching to the converted, too light and it might seem as if she doesn’t really care about the important issues that she’s discussing. For this show in particular she has an air of good humour which means that even the most ardent Leave voter in her audience couldn’t be alienated by her passionate pro-Remain position.

Standing on stage in a Union Jack top, Christie makes jokes about how women are discouraged from taking up space, suggests that Michael Gove is a robot and gets plenty of mileage from the time that the Daily Mail genuinely mistook her for Charles II. An excellent hour of humour with contemporary relevance.

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