War Donkey

War Donkey ★★★★★

Written by Sarah Macartney in Three Weeks on August 31st, 2012

Christie admits that this show might be badly titled: only the absurd but brilliant first ten minutes mention war donkeys (the ignored cousins of war horses) before she launches into some irreverent and wonderfully crafted observations on the place of women in modern society.

Her delivery is so intelligent and genuinely funny that it never veers to indignant cliché as might be easy with such subjects as mythical “Tory-feminists” and women’s literature.
Expertly teetering on the edge of chaos – mostly in a donkey suit – this is a masterclass on how to make comedy from a serious subject.

Smart, quick and charming, I left wishing the world could be more like she wishes, and wishing I could be a little more like her.

Written by Sarah Macartney in Three Weeks on 31st August 2012.
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