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Book Of The Quarter

Mark Perryman of Left Futures.org names 'A Book For Her' as 'Book Of The Quarter'

Written by Mark Perryman in Left Futures.org on November 29th, 2015

A Book for HerOur book of the quarter combines a similar mix.

The most important new voice of comedy and writing of the past few years; Bridget Christie, never lets up on her anger while refusing to give ground either to those who cannot bear to see satire be used for committed ends.

This is explosive stuff, given an extra edge by an unapologetic feminism still rare in the mainstream.

The future face of a political culture worth being a part of? Bridget Christie is absolutely that, her new book A Book For Her a riot of a good read.

Written by Mark Perryman in Left Futures.org on 29th November 2015.
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