A Bic For Her

Bridget Christie on how everyday misogyny drives her on

2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show A Bic for Her examines current state of feminism

in The List on July 29th, 2013

Following on from her Radio 4 series, Bridget Christie Minds the Gap, the comic has had the mantle of ‘feminist comedian’ placed upon her shoulders.

Fortunately she approves.

‘I’m very happy to be thought of as a feminist comedian,’ Christie says.

‘I have no problems with the label. I would be honoured. A feminist anything is a good thing.’

In that vein, her Fringe show this year is about ‘the emancipation of women, how everything is far from being hunky dory, and how stupid misogyny is.’

The title (A Bic for Her), refers to a biro pen that has been launched which is specifically designed with a woman’s hand in mind. ‘

We weren’t really able to use pens before these ones were designed,’ she says. ‘That’s why Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is so shit and unscary.’

Christie feels a new sensibility in comedy, where politics are discussed more than they have been since the 1980s, and she’s excited to be a part of it.

But she hadn’t realised that talking about feminism would be such hard work.

‘We didn’t think about that, did we? That we might actually have to do something with all these opportunities and freedom. Crikey. Me and my big mouth.’

The List on 29th July 2013.
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