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Edinburgh Fringe interview: Bridget Christie

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Bridget Christie has been a perpetual favourite at the Fringe in recent years, combining surrealist tangents with searing feminist polemic and donkey costumes.
This year should be no different (although maybe with less donkey costumes) in A Bic For Her, where Bridget tries to understand the reason why any company would make a pen specifically for women.
In preview form, it’s been a powerful show of reasoned anger and real humour, and should be one of the Fringe’s most fired-up spectacles.

Hallo Bridget. How are you doing today?

I am hot and a bit short tempered.

We’re very excited to see your show in Edinburgh this year. Are you looking forward to performing it?

Yes. So much so that I hope I don’t die in the next week or so.

Your recent shows have combined sharp political/social points with rather more absurd/surreal elements. Can we expect similar this year?
Yes. But not with props and costumes. I’ve tried to do it with words this year, as words can be carried around in your head easily rather than in a massive suitcase, which will make the show easier to tour.

You’ve previously dressed up as a donkey, an ant and a Catholic. Do you enjoy getting suited up?

See above.

Where do you keep the donkey costume?

In a stable.

You recently wrote and perfomed an excellent Radio 4 show all about feminism.
What inspired this theme and what message do you hope people get from your work?

Thank you. Feminism is a real passion of mine and the commission came off the back of my Edinburgh show. There wasn’t really anything else I wanted to talk about. Ideally people will be made aware of things that they weren’t before. My main concern is to be funny though.

Other than your own show, what else are you looking forward to in Edinburgh
this year?

Nadia Kamil and too many others to mention. I’m running for a train at the mo. Sorry.

Laugh Out London on 24th July 2013.
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