An Ungrateful Woman

An Ungrateful Woman ★★★★★

Written by Trevor Davies in The Mirror on August 5th, 2014

It can be a hard line to walk between being broadly political and being funny.

Too much humour and you can undermine the things you want to be taken seriously, not enough and you end up not having a comedy show at all.

Few walk this line as well as last year’s big award winner, Bridget Christie.

Many of the issues she covers, such as how women are portrayed in advertising, are important and could easily be whole shows in themselves but she always tackles issues at a brisk pace and with a strong cocktail of laughter, righteous anger and self-deprecation.

Fans garnered last year will not be disappointed with this year’s show and it will surely also attract many more.

A must-see for anyone seeking to celebrate unique snowflakes made of gammon – go and see it see find out what that means

Written by Trevor Davies in The Mirror on 5th August 2014.
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