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Bridget Christie is bringing her ‘smorgasbord’ of a show to the Glasgow Comedy Festival

BRIDGET CHRISTIE is taking her stand-up to the Citz stage this month as part of the Glasgow Comedy Festival.

Written by Gillian Furmage in Sunday Post on March 1st, 2018

The show kicks off her new ‘What Now’ tour, a follow-up to her hugely successful ‘Because You Demanded It’.

The Sunday Post chatted to the comedian and ‘Pro-EU left-wing feminist’ ahead of her stint at the popular theatre.

“I’m really looking forward to it”, said Bridget.
“It’s a follow-on from my last show, which was just a few weeks after Brexit.
“At the time, it was sort of exciting, it felt like something was really happening.
“Now Brexit has become really boring and annoying. It’s like a Kafka novel.
“So, my new show asks – where are we now? What now?’

“The show is really about everything, it’s a smorgasbord. Which is something I haven’t really done before. Although it does tend to always come back to something political!”

Bridget has been busy honing her new material at a string of Work in Progress gigs in London.

“People have been really nice, the previews are going well.
“It’s all getting rearranged, shortened, lengthened.
“For a work in progress show you’re allowed to just do what you want.”

The Gloucester-born actress has taken to the stage at the ‘beautiful’ Citz before, and has ties to Scotland through her Glaswegian great-granddad and her many appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe.

“The Fringe really has been a huge part of my career.
“It’s so inspiring, useful, and helpful. It used to shape my whole year.
“I started doing Edinburgh really to improve my writing and performing skills.
“It can be brutal – you’re always there thinking ‘someone’s going to review me’.
“It’s great though because it means you’re always working towards something.”

Although Bridget has enjoyed success with her Radio 4 show Utopia and has popped up on many TV shows, she says stand up is still at the core of her career.

“Stand up is more reliable”, she explained. “I’d say about 90% of my income comes from my live work.
“It would only be bad if thousands of people decided at the same time not to show up.
“I’ve been building up my audience slowly and luckily, people keep on coming back.”

Bridget will perform at the Citizen’s Theatre on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 March.
Glasgow Comedy Festival runs from March 8 to 25.
Bridget’s Netflix special, Stand Up for Her, is also available to watch now.

Written by Gillian Furmage in Sunday Post on 1st March 2018.
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