A Bic For Her

A Bic For Her ★★★★

Bridget Christie and war on lads' mags

in Edinburgh Evening News on August 19th, 2013

(Mark) Thomas would certainly approve of Bridget Christie (The Stand, 11.10am, until August 25, ****) and her own minor act of dissent: for the past few months, she’s been nipping into supermarkets and newsagents and doing a bit of ‘ethical filing’ with the lad’s mags.

That impromptu campaign forms the backbone of a show that decries modern perceptions of feminism and its ‘icons’, all done with a cheeky sense of knowing and agreeably outlandish digressions.

Whether it’s imagining Martin Luther King as a stand-up, the Bronte sisters struggling to finish their works or the enjoyably over-the-top reaction to misogynistic comments by Stirling Moss, it all makes for a witty, powerful polemic.

Edinburgh Evening News on 19th August 2013.
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