A Ant

Bridget Christie/A Ant ★★★★

Dabbling around the unhinged fringes of stand-up

Written by Thomas Meek in The List on August 11th, 2010

Bridget Christie openly admits that her act may not be the most commercially viable around.

But you can’t help but feel the Fringe would be a bit more interesting if other performers were willing to forsake financial security and the welfare of a toddler to open a stand-up show dressed as an ant with goggles.

For a piece of performance theatre, it not only provides an interesting, angered take on public and critical perceptions of the role of women in comedy, but also allows us to laugh at ant-based puns.

As a comedy tactic, it’s triumphant.
Her less etymological material isn’t quite so certain in its brilliance, but the stories are as dark, farcical and referential as you’d expect from anyone who spends enough time around Stewart Lee.

Especially satisfying are the references to the couple’s cat, Boo Boo, which blur the lines of daydream and reality, as an audience begins to question this woman’s sanity.
It’s how a proper Fringe show should be.

The Stand, 558 7272, until 29 Aug, 4.15pm, £8 (£7).

Written by Thomas Meek in The List on 11th August 2010.
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