A Ant

Bridget Christie/A Ant ★★★

in Three Weeks on August 12th, 2010

A sublimely bizarre opening defines this hour of stand-up from the bittersweet, imaginative Bridget Christie. Entering as the disgruntled insect comedian A Ant, she delivers a winkingly veiled assault on gender inequality in the comedy circuit – it’s brave, absurd, and very funny.

Unfortunately, the rest of her set is disappointingly normal, and she even expresses her disappointment in a short monologue on feeling the pressure to conform to more ‘traditional’ standards.

It is a definitely a shame, because although Christie elevates the staid material that follows with an hilariously repetitious approach, bringing it all back to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Wikipedia page, it really feels like something’s missing. Hopefully she’ll have the freedom to make the braver choice in the future.

Three Weeks on 12th August 2010.
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