What Now?

Political meets personal for her funniest show yet ★★★★

Bridget Christie's new show is her best yet.

Written by Bruce Dessau in Evening Standard on September 27th, 2018

Bridget Christie is anxious. Not just because of the imminent apocalypse, but also because her bath bombs are stinging her bottom. In What Now? she perfectly combines the political and the personal to deliver her most fiercely funny set yet.

Her gripes are not necessarily honest, of course. As she explains, the world seems to have embraced lying. From Trump to her offspring, nobody cares about truth.

The show might play around with reality, but it boasts umpteen highlights, from her spider-limbed Russell Brand impression to a pettifogging account of a trivial argument with her husband about fridge etiquette via thoughts on Theresa’s May’s mouth and Ed Sheeran’s lyrics..

Best of all is her story of a meeting with a TV executive which brilliantly skewers alpha male arrogance. Christie portrays everything as ludicrous, yet in increasingly ludicrous times it feels like a rational response.

Written by Bruce Dessau in Evening Standard on 27th September 2018.
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