Mortal (Radio Series)

Various Quotes about ‘Mortal’

in Various on May 28th, 2021

Distinctively funny, substantial, thoughtful and absorbing.Steve Bennett Chortle

The funniest, most original thing I’ve heard on the radio for a long time” – Harry Hill

Bridget Christie is just so exceptionally funny and inventive. Mortal beautifully reflects these strange days of people spending too much time at home talking to themselves. Bridget is just so constantly unique!Jon Ronson

I have loved Bridget Christie since she redefined modern feminism with A Bic For Her. In this brilliant, wicked, funny, compassionate series, she has hidden and reveals the meaning of life.Emma Freud

A sublime piece of work that is strange, funny and wonderfully visual.
Mortal is not like anything else you’ll hear at 6.30pm on Radio 4.
The sort of show you listen to and then go straight back to BBC Sounds to listen again. It is all enveloping and delightful company.Robin Ince, The Big Issue

Loving Mortal….Socialising death back into our lives with sensitivity. Silliness, grief, thoughtful and poignantDr Kathryn Mannix.

Various on 28th May 2021.
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