Housewife Surrealist

Bridget Christie: Housewife Surrealist ★★★★

Written by Dawn Marshall-Fannon in Funny Women on August 13th, 2011

Bridget Christie’s latest Edinburgh show is worth attending for her entrance alone; mixing evolution and religion to comedic effect. But don’t leave after that or you’d miss one of the loveliest shows of the festival.

A warmly funny musing on being a Catholic in the largely atheist world of comedy, Christie remains defiantly non-preachy whilst exploring her faith and its part in her life. When she unearths a low-church Anglican in the room for the skillful set-up of a ‘Vine-esque’ pun (‘That never usually happens’) she seems genuinely delighted.

She admits the puppet work with her ‘guest star’ is not the highlight of the show (“I don’t know how Nina Conti does it”), and even her four year old son is a critic, but her guest is so hilariously badly behaved (watch out on the front row for the funniest “savaging” I’ve ever been subject to) that it’s not the puppet work that you’ll remember.

A highly entertaining show from a highly entertaining comedian.

Written by Dawn Marshall-Fannon in Funny Women on 13th August 2011.
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