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  • Tiny Newsletter

    Hello All good here. I’m covered in bites which is very unusual for me. I never normally get bitten at all, but my legs are covered. Anyone else ??? Vego chocolate is very nice. They don’t know I’ve said this. NOW DOWN TO BUSINESS THE CHANGE CHANNEL 4 I am completely overwhelmed by the reaction […]

    Tiny Newsletter
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  • The Change! Starts tomorrow (21st June)

    Hey everyone! JUST A QUICKIE NEWSLETTER I’ve got a little bit of body odour today. Also my cats keep sneezing and the kitchen sink is blocked. TV Now then! My labour of love THE CHANGE goes out tomorrow on THE SOLSTICE on channel 4 at 10pm! I am the most excited I’ve ever been about […]

    The Change! Starts tomorrow (21st June)
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  • Dear Bridget Christie Fans!

    Nippy isn’t it? Ooooooo! Got me winter coat on inside! Thanks so much for not unsubscribing to my newsletter. Lots of comedians send them out once a month but I prefer the element of surprise approach. How pleased are you to hear from me? See? If I sent one out regularly every month you’d see […]

    Dear Bridget Christie Fans!
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  • Tiny Bulletin

    Only two things today! TASKMASTER – C4 9pm Thursday. I’m on this and it’s on for ages. If you missed last week’s ep it should be on the old catch up. LEICESTER SQUARE THEATRE – WHO AM I? 26-30 APR These are my last shows until next year now as I’m busy with THE CHANGE […]

    Tiny Bulletin
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  • Brunch, Taskmaster & The Change

    Hello! Does anyone still get these newsletters? It seems really old fashioned doesn’t it? But not good old fashioned, like sending a pigeon round to all your houses. Anyway if you are still subscribing, there’s a couple of things coming up. Sunday Brunch (10 April) I can’t wait to do this. I hope I get […]

    Brunch, Taskmaster & The Change
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