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Dear Bridget Christie Fans!

Posted 1 year ago on March 3rd, 2023

Nippy isn’t it?
Ooooooo! Got me winter coat on inside!
Thanks so much for not unsubscribing to my newsletter.

Lots of comedians send them out once a month but I prefer the element of surprise approach.
How pleased are you to hear from me? See? If I sent one out regularly every month you’d see my name in your inbox and just go, “That month went quick” or “That was a long month” or “It can’t have only been 4 weeks since her last newsletter” or “I can’t believe I haven’t lost a single pound since her last newsletter” or “Jesus Christ I don’t think I can take another month of these Tory cunts” or “How come Rishi Sunak seems to get younger and younger and look more and more like a little boy who thought he was going into nursery to play with lorries (or dolls!) but has somehow found himself in an adult body wearing a suit and having to go into scary factories and talk about the Good Friday Agreement and run the country as each month passes” and things like that.

It’s much better that you see my name and go “A newsletter from Bridget Christie???? And “Well I never!!!!” and “Wonders will never cease!” Also, the longer I leave it between newsletters the more news I have for you.
For example, since my last newsletter I’ve become infertile AND vegan AND taken in a semi-feral cat.
Right that’s enough of the old chit chat. Stop distracting me!


There’s a QI that went out the other week. I haven’t seen it but I had a lot of fun doing it.
Check it out if you like? I had a blue shirt on. It’s this one. BBC iPlayer – QI – Series T: 13. Tubular

My new star-studded Channel 4 comedy drama The Change is all handed in and waiting to be on your telly screens. Shouldn’t be too long to wait now. I will start sending out all manner of photos and juicy behind the scenes anecdotes about it when I get the go-ahead so keep your eyes peeled on me Instagrams and Twitters.
I am very excited about it being out in the world. There are some brilliant people involved. Read a description of it here and a bit more here.


I’m doing a handful of Who Am I? tour shows this month that were scheduled in ages ago from the postponed tour.
Tickets almost all gone so please grab those final few.
You can read all the BRILLIANT reviews for it here.

The show is a lot about the menopause, which I am in as you very well know, a bit of politics and a bit of veganism.
All the nice reviews were written by men so it just goes to show that the menopause is for everyone guys, yeah?

Here’s the links for the March shows.


Leeds have had a couple of boxes become available for Saturday, but they can only be booked over the phone, so here’s their phone number: 0113 243 0808

March 2023

4th March 2023 (Sat) – City Varieties, Leeds – TICKETS
5th March 2023 (Sun) – The Haymarket, Basingstoke – TICKETS
12th March 2023 (Sun) – The Stables, Wavendon – TICKETS
17th March 2023 (Fri) – The Junction, Cambridge – TICKETS
18th March 2023 (Sat) – The Junction, Cambridge – TICKETS


Who Am I? will then continue in the autumn, and all dates & ticket links are here (there’s a handful left to go on sale, so if there’s somewhere you want that isn’t in this list, you can check the gigs page on my website here and they’ll be added as they go on sale.);

September 2023

7th September 2023 (Thu) – Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone – TICKETS

8th September 2023 (Fri) – Playhouse, Oxford
9th September 2023 (Sat) – Dome, Brighton – TICKETS
10th September 2023 (Sun) – Wyvern Theatre, Swindon – TICKETS
13th September 2023 (Wed) – Town Hall, Launceston – TICKETS
14th September 2023 (Thu) – Quad Theatre, Plymouth – TICKETS
15th September 2023 (Fri) – Babbacombe Theatre, Torquay – TICKETS
16th September 2023 (Sat) – Corn Exchange, Exeter – TICKETS
20th September 2023 (Wed) – Sherman Theatre, Cardiff – TICKETS
21st September 2023 (Thu) – Huntingdon Hall, Worcester – TICKETS
22nd September 2023 (Fri) – Medina Theatre, Isle Of Wight – TICKETS
23rd September 2023 (Sat) – Concert Hall, Reading – TICKETS
24th September 2023 (Sun) – New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth – TICKETS
28th September 2023 (Thu) – Pontio, Bangor – TICKETS
29th September 2023 (Fri) – Commodore Cinema, Aberystwyth (Comedy Festival) – TICKETS
30th September 2023 (Sat) – Playhouse, Stratford – TICKETS

October 2023

1st October 2023 (Sun) – Old Rep, Birmingham – TICKETS
5th October 2023 (Thu) – Gala, Durham – TICKETS
6th October 2023 (Fri) – Grand Theatre, Lancaster – TICKETS
7th October 2023 (Sat) – Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate – TICKETS
8th October 2023 (Sun) – The Y Theatre, Leicester – TICKETS
11th October 2023 (Wed) – Gulbenkian, Canterbury – TICKETS
12th October 2023 (Thu) – Capitol, Horsham – TICKETS
13th October 2023 (Fri) – Playhouse, Norwich
14th October 2023 (Sat) – Playhouse, Norwich
18th October 2023 (Wed) – Chelmsford Theatre, Chelmsford
19th October 2023 (Thu) – Playhouse, Nottingham – TICKETS
20th October 2023 (Fri) – The Core at The Cube, Corby – TICKETS
21st October 2023 (Sat) – City Varieties, Leeds – TICKETS
22nd October 2023 (Sun) – Yvonne Arnaud, Guildford – TICKETS

November 2023

1st November 2023 (Wed) – Lyceum, Crewe
2nd February 2023 (Thu) – Crucible, Sheffield
3rd November 2023 (Fri) – The MAC, Belfast – TICKETS
4th November 2023 (Sat) – The MAC, Belfast – TICKETS
5th November 2023 (Sun) – Liberty Hall, Dublin – TICKETS
6th November 2023 (Mon) – Palace Theatre, Southend – TICKETS
8th November 2023 (Wed) – Corn Exchange, Newbury – TICKETS
9th November 2023 (Thu) – Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells – TICKETS
10th November 2023 (Fri) – Spa Centre, Royal Leamington Spa – TICKETS
11th November 2023 (Sat) – Hull Truck, Hull – TICKETS
12th November 2023 (Sun) – Performing Arts Centre, Lincoln – TICKETS
15th November 2023 (Wed) – Northern Stage, Newcastle – TICKETS
16th November 2023 (Thu) – Chorley Theatre, Chorley – TICKETS
17th November 2023 (Fri) – Chorley Theatre, Chorley – TICKETS
18th November 2023 (Sat) – Playhouse, Liverpool – TICKETS
19th November 2023 (Sun) – The Lowry, Salford Quays – TICKETS
22nd November 2023 (Wed) – Old Town Hall, High Wycombe
23rd November 2023 (Thu) – Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough – TICKETS
24th November 2023 (Fri) – Corn Exchange, Stamford – TICKETS
25th November 2023 (Sat) – Maltings, Farnham – TICKETS
26th November 2023 (Sun) – Grand Opera House, York – TICKETS
29th November 2023 (Wed) – Theatre Royal, Glasgow – TICKETS
30th November 2023 (Thu) – Coro, Ulverston

December 2023

6th December 2023 (Wed) – The Apex, Bury St. Edmunds – TICKETS
7th December 2023 (Thu) – Connaught Theatre, Worthing – TICKETS
9th December 2023 (Sat) – Palace Theatre, Watford – TICKETS


I’ll be working up some new stuff and doing some sets and some benefits.
They are coming in all the time so keep an eye out for these.

March 3rd LST mixed bill of great comedians Live At Leicester Sq Theatre – TICKETS
March 9th Choose Love Emergency Earthquake Benefit at Kings Place Choose Love Comedy Fundraiser TICKETS
March 9th Moth Club Knock2Bag Comedy Night @ MOTH Club, London – TICKETS
April 21 Hackney Empire with Nish Kumar – TICKETS
May 12 Earth Dalston – TICKETS
May 22 No Direction Home (brilliant new comedy collective for aspiring comedians of refugee and migrant backgrounds) – TICKETS


Headline slots at these two. Can’t wait.


The cats have now all surrounded my shoe rack which means there is something either behind it or in one of my shoes, so basically I can’t go out until it comes out because I don’t want to put my toes into a rat bum or mouth.


Please pre-order Josie Long’s new book “Because I Don’t Know What You Mean And What You Don’t.
She’s the best and you know it!
Oh, and if you haven’t got mine get that as well. A Book For Her.

Be kind, be good, be well!