A Book For Her

A Book For Her ★★★★

Written by James McColl in The Skinny on August 19th, 2015

Seeing Bridget Christie verbally and physically trip over herself as she furiously runs head first into a routine about the latest Conservative policy concerning tax credits is, in a word, incredible. After two consecutive years of critical success at the Fringe, Bridget Christie’s shows have become a beacon for fans of her refreshing mix of absurd, sometimes surreal, but always accurate social commentary.

Often labelled as simply a ‘feminist comedian’, Bridget takes the time to lay out her exact position on things: “If you’re for gender equality and equal rights, then you’re a feminist.” A clear theme in Bridget’s show this year, A Book For Her [★★★★☆], is the twisting of her public perception and feminist identity that seems to precede her. Expect her to be tackling the underwhelming Labour leadership race, her bathroom taps and the VAT tampon tax.

Written by James McColl in The Skinny on 19th August 2015.
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