A Book For Her

A Book For Her ★★★★

Written by Mariana Mercado in Ed Fest Mag on August 15th, 2015

Bridget Christie is taking Edinburgh by storm with her usual wit and acute social commentary as she promotes her new book and literary debut.

A Book for Her is riddled with laughter and political criticism. By mocking the conservative narrative on politics, feminism and society, Christie brings out truths that can only be uncovered by pure comedy.

With a surreal routine that ranges from the General Election, kitchen taps, flapjacks, Nigel Farage and menstruation, Christie invites the audience to think about some of the decisions made by the current government in a painfully insightful yet hilarious way.

Her accelerated speech and endearing awkwardness will leave you smiling and her set will illuminate you – if you weren’t already aware– on all the struggles that women are still facing today.

If you enjoy comedy, this show is a must.

Written by Mariana Mercado in Ed Fest Mag on 15th August 2015.
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