A Book For Her ★★★★★

Marianne Gunn - Herald Scotland - Friday, August 14th, 2015

(NOTE: 'A Book For Her' is the title of Bridget's first book, and also her 2015 / 2016 live show. This article relates to The )

Bridget Christie is on utterly top form this year – and has almost completely sold out her Fringe run (on Monday 31 August, you may stand a chance). The fact she still plays The Stand at 11am in the morning – a relatively small but credible comedy venue – probably says a lot about her stubbornness. This year’s show, A Book for Her, ends with a 10-minute book signing for her female fans (it can also be for Him, if he can read). Endorsed on the cover by Caitlin Moran and having fellow Guardian contributor Mark Lawson queueing meekly at the end of her Press performance, gives an indicator of the gender and political spheres she explores.

Similar in title to her award-winning A Bic For Her, Christie is still “banging on” about Feminism. However, she’s turned all self-referential and, really, it’s just character comedy/method acting – and as it’s proving lucrative, why not? The sarcasm is off the scale and Christie admits that some of her audiences (not Scotland, not North London) take her all too literally and miss the point. Her section on the talented Nigel Farage is absolutely priceless and Jeremy Corbyn does not get off lightly either.

It’s talking about race that brings her into the most interesting territory this year with a fairly scathing dissection of Rachel Dolezal’s actions and a pointy finger at the audience as to how we all react when racism is mentioned. Feminism is not forgotten, however, and if George Osborne receives any flapjacks in the post, Christie’s latest guerrilla campaign is working.

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