The 21st Century for Time Travellers

Of all the periods open to the Personal Time Machine user an often over-looked and fascinating destination is early years of the 21st Century. Yes, this is a period famous not only for the romance of the war on terror and the decadent glamour of the London Olympic riots, but also for such legendary figures as the Enigmatic James Corden.

But for the unwary time traveller, the customs, language and behaviour of the 21st Century can be confusing. After all, these were simpler times when it was common for people to actually laugh at adverts in the cinema. Simpler, more disturbing times.

The show is hosted by the crotchety Wilson Thomas, forced to guide us on behalf of the 21st Century Tourist Board. He manages to thinly veil his contempt for the guests, who demonstrate everything a time traveller might need to survive in the savage 21st century. He also tolerates Martin, the member of the public sent back in time at the show’s expense.