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Newsletter – 21st Feb 2015

Posted 9 years ago on February 21st, 2015

hello non-ghosts

I can’t be bothered to use capital letters this month, sorry about that. 2 of my fingers are bound together because I broke one of them by falling into a hole in the road boris Johnson the mayor of London made by jumping up and down in the same place for ages. he’s doing this all over central London in order to make it too dangerous for normal people to walk around in, leaving it nice and uncongested for all the rich, foreign people who own it but don’t want to live in it because of all the horrible oiks walking around everywhere messing it up.

just a few things to clear up before I get on with the humiliating self-promotion.

number one. the labour party’s harriet harman’s pink bus’s’s.

harriet harman is going around the country in a pink bus trying to encourage women to vote. 9.1 million women didn’t bother in the last general election, compared to 8 million men. that’s 1.1 million less. some of you thought i’d hate the pink van. but I don’t care about the pink van. although if it was me, i’d have drawn fannies and tits and cakes all over it as well.
harman’s a good egg. she does a lot behind the scenes. this isn’t important.

number two.

I saw a buzzard yesterday.

number three.

did you see helena bonham carter with that massive fish?

that’s enough chat now I think.



an ungrateful woman – soho theatre 2-6 march then 8-23 may
i think the march run has pretty much all gone, bar a few tickets still left for the Monday and Tuesday. but you can still book for may. please come if you haven’t already please. thanks. you are great. I am very humbled by your continued support.

7 march – union chapel – please come. it’s not just me, there are other brilliant acts on too. link here

7 march – Caitlin moran and friends
me, caitlin moran and shazia mirza are going to talk to jude Kelly about our jobs. I really think you should come to this actually.

8 march – an ungrateful woman – purcell rooms, south bank centre , 1.30pm
can’t find a link for this yet – will check with venue

2nd may – an ungrateful woman – machynlleth comedy festival – 7pm y-tabernacle
link here.

chortle awards 2015

pllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaassseeeee vote for meeeeeeeee!!!! – if you like. i’m up for Best Radio for minds the gap series 2 and Best Tour for the double bill of a bic for her and an ungrateful woman. here’s the link. thanks.

hans teeuwen

here’s a piece I wrote about the dutch idiot hans teeuwen, who is my favourite comedian. Click Here

idil sukan photographic exhibition

she’s brilliant – you should go to this –