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Mini-news update – Jan 16th

Posted 9 years ago on January 16th, 2015

Hello folks

Just a few things;

More extra dates added to An Ungrateful Woman Soho Theatre run. As well as 2-6 March there is also now 8-23 May.
PLEASE COME AND TELL OTHERS TO COME TOO. PLEASE. I won’t be doing this show again,
after the May dates. All info here, on the gigs page.

I will be on Mel and Sue’s ITV1 chat show on Monday 19th (this Monday) at 4pm. It goes out live and is on in the daytime so I’ve been asked not to speak at all.

I’m only allowed to nod and shake my head. I think I have to help cook some food as well. Can’t wait. Oh yes, I almost forgot. The other guest is MICHAEL PALIN.

Here is an interview I did with my mate Sarah Millican for Standard Issue magazine. Link here.

My other mate Danielle Ward is doing an exciting new show at the Vault Festival. Go go go!!! Here is a link.

And don’t forget ! Ep 2 of Minds the Gap went out tonight at 6.30pm – it’s on the iPlayer here: