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Latest News – June 28th 2013

Posted 11 years ago on June 28th, 2013

Dear Homo sapiens sapiens (yes, both of you)


I am on Loose Ends tomorrow (Saturday 29th).

It was extremely jolly.
In fact, it was so jolly that the producer told us all to stop banging the tables.

The other people banging on the table were Clive Anderson (who also ruffled papers), Reece Shearsmith, Emma Freud, Alexei Sayle and Mike Gayle. I sat on my hands for my bit, as I was banging on about women’s stuff and didn’t want to be doing a double bang.

Listen in and see if you can hear any of the bangs.


I am recording my bit for THE ALTERNATIVE COMEDY EXPERIENCE for Comedy Central on July 8th at The Stand in Edinburgh.

I’m in the second show, at 9.15pm. Andy Zaltzman MC, Liam Mullone, David O’Doherty, me.

Get your tickets now before they all go! I hope there isn’t a table on stage,
otherwise my set might be a bit too bangy.

Tickets available through The Stand Box Office I believe. (0131 558 7272 or here.)


Guys, seriously. When I asked you to come to my work in progress shows in my last newsletter, I wasn’t being sarcastic. See “gigs


I do have some other news but can’t remember what it is.


My backpack was fixed up a treat.

But I didn’t have the slip with me with the number on it, so first I had to describe the bag to them, show them with my hands how big it was, and then wait for them to find it amongst all the other bags.


I can’t find either of my nail clippers.

I have a small baby one that I use for the children, and a normal one for adults that I use. The adult one says “I love London” on it and is black. The children’s nail clippers is very, very small and is a sort of a pale green colour.

That one is my favourite to be honest with you. Anyway, they have both gone. I
always keep the adult one in my toilet bag and the children’s one on top of the
stuffed owl next to the television set. They have both gone.

I shall really have to pop out and get a couple more nail clippers I think, as
the children’s nails, and my own nails, really do need sorting out now.