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Latest News – 5th January 2013

Posted 11 years ago on January 5th, 2013

Hello dieters and self-flagellators – a happy new year to you!
Here is some news for you all.

Radio 4 have commissioned a four part series from me, all about women’s shit, which is my new thing. If you live in London, try and get free tickets to the recordings at the Radio Theatre in Feb and March.
The dates are 8th Feb, 15th Feb, 2nd March and 10th March.
It would be nice to get as many fans in as possible before all the tickets go to non-fans, as it is a radio show, and I need some laughter that doesn’t sound sarcastic.
I will send a link out for you as soon as it’s up. I think Chortle will do the same, so keep an eye out for that and get booking!

Also coming up in the next couple of months are Anna and Katy’s sketch show (Channel 4), where I play a very strange-looking fan with terrible 1980s hair and clothes.
I raise my eyebrows a fair bit in response to the shenanigans going on. This technique is the first thing we are taught at the “Women in Sitcoms Comedy Course.”
Two parts in Kevin Eldon’s Television Show (BBC2), where I don’t think I raised my eyebrows at all, and various spots on The Alternative Comedy Experience (Comedy Central) which I have to say, looks fucking brilliant.
Not me, you understand, I wouldn’t be so arrogant, but it has an AMAZING cast.

There are only two more outings of War Donkey. February 12th in Leicester (book via gigs page) and at the Southbank (Purcell Room) on 9th March as part of their Women of the World festival.

I have some new material nights to work out the radio show but more will be added over the next few weeks so come and see it before it was any good if you like? see Gigs page.

For Christmas, I received some books that I asked for, and back in October I got myself some brogues from Clarks as an early Christmas present. I have worn them 3 times.

By the way, on my links page, I have added some great women’s shit websites that I look at all the time. They are ace, check them out!

That’s all for now.
Oh! If you came to War Donkey at Soho Theatre, thanks very much. You all behaved impeccably.