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Posted 4 years ago on May 4th, 2020

Dear Lockdowned…

I hope you are all safe and well and coping


I went round the house with a feather duster yesterday, going over the tops of picture frames and the TV and stuff. So that was fun. I did other things as well, but I’ll save those for the next newsletter.

My radishes have come out but they’re really weird shapes. One is round, and looks like a radish, and I’m really pleased with it, but the others look really disgusting and unappetising. They’re horrific to look at to be honest, all oblong, and make me feel sick.
I’m repulsed by them, all pink and bursting at the seams.
Maybe I’ll take a picture and send in the next newsletter, along with what chore I’ve done that day.

The left hand side of my hair smells like old slippers which is annoying me. I’ll have to go and wash it I think. I’ve got some nice new shampoo so that’s something to look forward to later. I don’t know how this has happened.

My cats roll around on the floor a lot, so that you’ll rub their tummies, which is lovely, but it means I have to vacuum the carpets all the time.

I moved the sofa in my living room and now I can see the lovely tree in next door’s front garden.

Oh yes!
My tour has been cancelled so I’m really sorry if you bought a ticket already.
I was really looking forward to it but as soon as we’re able, we’ll re-schedule.
Everything will be on the website so make sure you check gigs pages for those.

Here’s a link to a column about some pants I wrote: PANTS

Here’s a link to a programme about Machynlleth Comedy Festival I contributed to. I love that festival very much. MACH

I’ve written a piece for Adam Kay’s Dear NHS charity book. Loads of people have contributed and it sounds great. You can pre-order here: KAY

Oh yes and I’ve been photographing things people leave in my local park every day when I go on my walk/run and putting them on my Instagram page.

Some people think they’re my things, and that I’m leaving them about, but the things aren’t very interesting (pants, hat, gloves, toy, a shoe, a coat etc) and I’ve got loads of interesting costumes and props from my shows over the years that I could be leaving if it was me.

I really would have no interest in doing something like that, so if you’re one of the people thinking it’s me, it isn’t.

I should’ve been doing it from the beginning of lockdown then I could’ve made into some kind of lockdown diary/book, but I’ve started now that’s the main thing isn’t it? ONE MUST STAY POSITIVE!

OK that’s it for now.

Sorry about the tour and all the gigs we had to cancel but see you in the future.

Oh yes and if you haven’t got a book or a CD remember you can grab those here