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Posted 9 years ago on December 11th, 2014

Battersea Arts Centre – An Ungrateful Woman – Monday 15th December EXTRA SEATS ADDED

They’ve just added some extra seats to the ends of aisles for this as it sold out so be quick if you want to come! I won’t be “playing” South London again anytime soon (if ever).
The reasons for this are personal and complex and actually quite boring, thanks for asking.
I will be performing in a different character and wearing an absolutely ridiculous outfit including a hat to reflect this.

Soho Theatre An Ungrateful Woman

2-10 January SOLD OUT. 19-24th GOING FAST (last weekend almost gone) so please book if you want to see the show at Soho.

I’m ill at the moment and also a bit drunk because I put too much whiskey in my hot toddy so don’t have anything to say about my private life today. I just thought I’d remind you about tickets. I hope that’s alright. (all tickets at gigs page)

Oh there was one thing;

A panel of my garden fence blew down in the wind last night.
The bottom of it has pretty much rotted away so it was only a matter of time anyway.
I could’ve probably blown it down myself. I don’t need old bloody Lord of the Wind getting involved.

Merry Christmas