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Newsletter – October 27th 2014…

Posted 10 years ago on October 27th, 2014

Hello Mailing List !

I wouldn’t normally start a newsletter like this but I really want UKIP to go away now. I think it’s possibly all getting a little bit out of hand. I don’t think anyone expected it to go this far, but we need to sort it out now. The latest is that Farage has done an EU funding deal with a Polish far-right party whose leader said the following:-

20 million young Europeans were being treated as “negroes” as a result of the minimum wage.
The vote should be taken away from women, because the difference between rape and consensual sex is “very subtle” and that Adolf Hitler was “probably not aware that Jews were being exterminated”.
Even French far-right leader Marine Le Pen from won’t have anything to do with them. And yet….and yet…we’re voting for him.

UKIP’s success to me is like going on a shit Ghost Train ride at one of the poorer quality fairs.
You think it’ll be fun to go on once, pretending to be scared and laughing at the silly men standing inside, at the side of the track, shouting in your ear and grabbing your arm as you go past.
But then, the guy who operates the ride has gone off to do a really massive, difficult shit and has just left you going round and round for hours and it’s now just become genuinely frightening and sinister and you just want to get off and play hook a duck with some non-racists who aren’t pretending to be ghosts and bruising your arm.
Then, just as you’re going through the banging, swinging doors for the 97th time, you find out that the same thing is happening on all the other Ghost Train rides in other fields in other depressed towns as well but no-one is doing anything to stop it.

Because the other people LIKE IT and because the only other rides working are the Tea Cups and the Children’s Merry Go Round, and the guys collecting your money on those rides are utter, patronising twats.

Oh just to clarify. I didn’t vote for UKIP once, because I thought it would be fun. I have never voted for UKIP. I’m sure you got that.
Anyway, back to the old comedy shmomedy..


I am still doing this. There is ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT! If you haven’t already come, it is the LAST time I will be doing A BIC FOR HER – the show I did that people decided they liked. Tickets for last remaining shows here.

SOHO – AN UNGRATEFUL WOMAN – November 3rd-21st

There’s only a couple of nights available for this now I’m afraid. Tickets here.


The new show. In a big room. In Battersea. Come on! If you missed out on the Soho run come to this! Tickets here.

BRIDGET CHRISTIE MINDS THE GAP RECORDINGS – Radio Theatre – 25th and 26th November

ALSO Read-throughs on 10th and 17th of November in a pub in Soho.
Will send more details through when I have them if you fancy coming along to those.
The 10th will be episodes 1 and 2 and the 17th eps 3 and 4.


Yes I know, sorry. It’s getting a bit annoying for everyone now.
Minds the Gap Series 1 won the first Rose D’Or for Radio Entertainment. Pretty chuffed with that.
Also picked up a Hospital Club 100 Award for Theatre for Bic for Her, which was also great.


I watched the Lego movie last night. It was so good and so well acted that I didn’t even realise all the characters were made of Lego until right at the end when 2 real actors appeared.
It was a bit of a shock to be honest. But not as much of a shock as UKIP’s success.


I saw a pigeon eating some sick outside my house this morning.

It was very unpleasant indeed. But it still wasn’t as repulsive as UKIP.