A Book For Her was published by Century Random House on 2nd July 2015.

It details Bridget’s ‘feminist epiphany’ – a fart in the Women’s Studies section of a bookshop in April 2012 – and her subsequent journey from the bowels of stand-up comedy to one of the most critically acclaimed British standup comedians this decade. If you’re interested in comedy & feminism, then A Book For Her is definitely for you.

If you hate both then you should probably give it a miss. As with …Minds The Gap you can download an audio book of ‘A Book For Her’ on both iTunes & Amazon’s Audible.

A Book For Her Radio & Podcast Interviews.

Woman’s Hour – 2nd July 2015

The Janice Forsyth Show – 1st July 2015

Steve Wright In The Afternoon – 1st July 2015

Penguin Podcast with Richard E Grant – 5th August 2015

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The Guardian
23rd January 2016
The Guardian
12th December 2015
The Guardian
7th November 2015
The Guardian
24th October 2015
The Guardian
11th February 2015
The Guardian
23rd December 2014

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