2015: A Book For Her

A Book For Her

A Book For Her – The Show debuted at The Stand from the 8th – 31st August (not the 17th) at 11AM.

It’s a brand new show to launch multi-award winning Christie’s literary debut A Book for Her * (*and for him, if he can read).
Come and enjoy 50 minutes of new material followed by a 10 minute book signing.

For press on the book, A Book For Her, and the show, A Book For Her, please click here.

An autumn London run took place at the Leicester Square Theatre, from the 16th November – 2nd December, and was featured in a Top 10 of Comedy in 2015 by The Guardian & named Critic’s Choice by Time Out with more dates added into 2016 and a national tour to follow.

Press Archive for A Book For Her


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