2013: A Bic For Her

A Bic For Her

Bridget starts the day by eroticising waterproof jackets and roller coasters, ridiculing biro manufacturers, and destroying the patriarchy.

And all at 11:10 am in a Gloucester accent.

Includes some shouting.

The only stand-up to have been billed alongside both Lionel Blair and Naomi Wolf.

A Bic For Her ran at The Stand at 11.10am every day during the Edinburgh Fringe & won the Edinburgh Comedy Award.
From November 2013, it ran at London’s Soho Theatre where it broke Box Office records for the venue. Extra dates were added for Jan / Feb / March 2014!!!!
In January 2014, Bridget won the Sky Arts South Bank Award for Comedy with the show, and she show also won a Hospital 100 Award 2014 for Theatre.

Press Archive for A Bic For Her


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